Why Does My Dog Do That?

If you have ever asked the question, “Why does my dog do that?”, then you have come to the right place for answers!

My name is Marilyn Mele.

I’m a dog trainer and I want to show you how you can find and hire the best trainer for you and your dog.

To do that, I have created an online course that describes where to search, what to ask, and how to be smart about choosing a trainer for your dog.

This course is completely free for everyone and is available to you right now with just a few clicks.

You will not be asked for any payment information – just an email address where you can receive course details.

Scroll down to to the bottom of this page and sign up now.

Great trainers view dog training as both a science and an art.  They answer your questions, solve your problems, and treat people and animals with kindness and respect.

Unfortunately, there are bad trainers out there.  These bad trainers might be merely incompetent, but they could also be scammers.  Either way, they are dangerous and will do serious damage to your dog if you let them.

Finding an expert with integrity is easier when you know how and where to search.

The purpose of my free online course is to prepare you with useful tools that will lead you to your great dog trainer.  Sign up below.


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